How to draw a mandala | ninetyDAYS

Begin with a clean sheet of paper
Containing nothing but promises
In the middle, draw a single dot, and surround that with a ring of eight equal dots
Use the template, if you'd like
A bow to Mandala’s origins – it means circle in Sanscrit
(You can make a template, to keep the dots in their proper place)
Structure begins to form
And then you wait, for structure to give way to inspiration
The back of the paper is for the notes, and quotes, and inspirations
The words behind the image, as it were

You’ll be inspired to draw on the dots – a line, a circle, a shape, a curve
Just one at a time!
Whatever one gets, the others must have the same
Follow around the circle until you’re back to where you started
And you’ll see there is no end
Then another mark – you’ll know what to do
And another, and another,
Here a line, a curve, an angle, a square, a petal
All repeated around the circle eight times
You’ll know when it’s done – there’s nothing more to do

link to template

Here's a template you can use
to get started creating your own mandalas