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About | ninetyDAYS
About | ninetyDAYS

ninetyDAYS began as a story idea for a novel that is unlikely to be written. It became this site, which is a portal for my and other's art and music.

Almost by accident, I was introduced to the fact that an older family friend, unbeknownst to me, had for many years been drawing mandalas with pen and paper. He had received introduction to the process from a former professor, and, over the years had filled the bleak time of most faculty and committee meetings with drawing. These he gave to whoever at the meeting wanted them.

Greatly attracted, I began to draw mandalas as well, and have continued doing so for over 15 years. The most amazing thing about the process is that all are unique, although some themes repeat. For the most part, I draw in archival permanent ink, of various widths. Some I color, which is an interesting exercise, wholly apart from the original drawing.

I encourage you to give the process a try. Instructions may be found on the Create your own mandalas page, but each creator soon develops their own individual interaction with the process. Don't worry about how they will turn out: the only rule is that there are no mistakes, only unknown and unforseen parts of the developing pattern.

Or, if you prefer, you will find on this site a number of my and other mandalas for viewing or purchase.